We Provide Food, bedding for all our fostered Salukis if needed
All our Salukis are vaccinated and microchipped
Let us know how long you can foster and we will adjust
Constant contact with ASCOD members
Regular updates on adoption process for your fostered Saluki
Go hike with other Saluki’s members

If you would like to foster one of our rescued Saluki, you must first apply to be a fosterer, to do this just fill the form by clicking on the blue button “Foster” on your right sidebar. You can fill this form with  one of the Saluki name you will find on this Listing page.

We are considering adopting a saluki for their gentle and mild temperament

Farrah Curry

i am rescuing Salukis because i cannot not to


The Saluki is the hound of the desert wind, the companion of the Bedouin and is to be found throughout the arid lands, unfortunately in ever decreasing numbers. It has evolved purely as a speed merchant, a hound that relies on itz 'desert eyes' rather than scent in the chase.

National Geographic

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