“Satin balls”

By January 19, 2016news

“Satin balls”

What do you feed your Salukis with?

Raw,balanced,dry,wet-so many options but which one is the best for our dogs?We opt for home cooked breakfast and dry biscuits for dinner and sharing with you today our “satin balls” breakfast recipe.

To prepare the 20 balls of 150 gr each you would need:

4kg of ground meat (beef or pork)

500 gr of cereals ( we used cornflakes)

500 gr of oats

5 hard boiled eggs with shells

1/2 cup of oil

1 carrot,2 handful of greens (spinach,parsley,kale)

1 clove of garlic

Grind the meat with the above ingredients and make balls to freeze for 24 hours. Boil 100 gr of dog’s pasta or rice for 30 min and serve “satin ball” raw along with it.Your satin ball is measured per 1 serving per 1 dog . Dinner will be 100 gr of dry biscuits of your choice to complete your dog’s food intake for a day.

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